Adding Proper Storage During Your Bathroom Remodel

As you jump into a new bathroom remodeling design, while it’s important you tackle the look and feel you desire, you also need proper storage. Mixing the two can be difficult but when done properly you will have the best functioning and visually appealing space possible.

Features such as a shower enclosure are one of the many that can help maximize your storage. There are so many options available and depending on your specific space you’ll need to talk with your contractor in order to receive the best possible results.

As you dive into the design process, ask yourself these three questions to get the most out of your storage.

  1. Who’s Using This Bathroom?:  Are you remodeling a guest bath which doesn’t get used very often or is it your family bath which is used by the whole family daily? Is this room a full bath or just a powder room? The size and usage of your bathroom will first help you determine what supplies you’ll be needing.
  2. What Do You Need To Store?: If you’re using a full bath and have a range of toiletries and electronics you’ll need more storage. Out of the items being used, which ones are being used frequently and which ones can be stored away for occasional use.
  3. What’s Your Room Size?: Obviously, if you have a small bathroom, you’ll need to get more creative with storage. If it’s smaller with limited space, you can think about a large vanity or built-in shower storage.

Going through these three questions will help you understand your situation.

Proper Vanity: Most likely one of your more vocal and important storage options will be your vanity. A smaller bathroom may need smaller one while a big bath can accommodate a larger vanity or even more than one. They are the perfect space for hiding things away.

Vertical Space: For even more additional space, look to your walls for vertical cabinetry.

Customized Accessories: Since each bathroom is different in space and size, there is not one storage solution that fits all.  Storage solutions can be customized so speaking with your contractor able possibilities is the best bet. An experienced contractor such as Ciarlone Brother has a year of experience in getting the most out of space.

Shower Storage: The last thing you want is a shower with limited space to place all your toiletries. Build in storage within your shower can be added to corner shelves, a ledge or other unique solutions.

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