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Benefits of Installing A New Entry Door

When it comes to your home’s exterior, there are a number of different systems that come to mind. Of course, your roof offers your home protection from the elements. Your siding provides curb appeal. Your windows offer natural light & ventilation. However, one of the most overlooked aspects of any home’s exterior is the entry door, which is there to provide everything from curb appeal & resale value, to insulation, to protection from the elements and intruders, and of course, functioning as the entrance & exit of your home. Therefore, keeping the system in good repair is essential! If you’re interested in learning a bit about the benefits of installing a new entry door this year, our team has put together a blog discussing a few of the benefits!

Improved Security

Let’s start with a benefit that is very important to every homeowner; improved home security! Your door provides your home with invaluable protection against intruders, and having an outdated, damaged door could be putting your home at risk! Installing a new door will provide more security both via the material of the door itself, as well as through improved locks which will help you & your family feel safer in your home!

Curb Appeal

Another reason many homeowners choose to install a new entry door is for the curb appeal that it provides to the property! Your entry door is often a major focal point for your home’s exterior, and a bright splash of color that contrasts your siding can truly breathe life into your home’s exterior!

Energy Efficiency

Another reason many homeowners choose to install a new entry door is to improve their home’s energy efficiency! Just like your windows, your entry door can end up being a major detriment to your home’s overall energy efficiency. While your windows may leak around the frames, your door tends to leak along the threshold at the base of the frame, and the space is often larger than a window leak, meaning the heat loss or gain may be more dramatic. Your door could also leak around any portion of it’s frame, which means keeping an eye on the system and checking for leaks can be extremely beneficial for your wallet!

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