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Ideas to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Larger

Your kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home due to both it’s central position, and it’s role in the house. It provides you and your family a space in which you can nourish yourselves, reconnect at the beginning and end of your days, and provide your home with plenty of beauty as well! Considering how important your kitchen is to your home, it is important to ensure that it is being well-maintained, as well as maximized. Our team meets homeowners who have undersized kitchens in terms of space, but are trying their best to make the most of the space and looking for advice on how to improve the kitchen. For these homeowners, our team has put together a guide discussing a few of our favorite designs for small kitchens; take a look!

Glass Doors & Open Shelving

One of the easiest ways you can make your kitchen feel larger is by taking your cabinet doors and replacing them with either glass or open shelving. This helps make the kitchen feel larger by opening up the space, and is an easy adjustment that can go a long way in making the space feel more expansive.

Use The Right Lighting

Another adjustment that can help make the space feel larger is ensuring you’re using the right lighting. There are a couple of different options here that can both prove effective for improving the lighting in the space. You could elect to install accent lighting which can be good for lighting up a poorly lit corner, or you could always decide to add another window or two to the space, which can also be very effective for improving the lighting in the space.

Make The Most of Your Cabinet Space

Another trick to maximizing your kitchen is to ensure that you design your cabinets in the most efficient way possible. Be sure to take advantage of any corners you have in the kitchen and use designs like lazy susans to help maximize the storage space!

Color Scheme

Another trick that will help make the space feel larger is painting the space with light, neutral colors and avoiding matte paints that don’t reflect light. This will help make the space feel more expansive, and is an easy trick to improve your kitchen!

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