Cleaning Out Gutter System

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Winter is right around the corner, which means the snow will soon begin to fall, the leaves are changing, and the cold is creeping into our homes. With that being said, it is important to properly prepare your home for the cold months ahead, in order to ensure that your home is as efficient as possible, and that no damage will occur to the property during the cold months! Interested in learning more about the fall home maintenance you should be performing? Keep reading below for more information!

Check Your Doors & Window For Drafts

The first thing you should take stock of is your windows & doors. In terms of energy efficiency, the only piece of your home’s exterior that has a bigger impact is your roof. That means that if you have any drafts in your windows and doors, you should have them addressed before the cold sets in.

A drafty door is generally quite easy to spot. Usually, there will be a significant enough gap between your door and threshold that you can visibly see it. At this point, its obvious where the air leak is coming from and you simply need to update the threshold to stop the leak.

However, window leaks are generally far more difficult to spot, and they likely aren’t visible unless the leak is blatant. To find pesky window leaks, you will want to grab a candle, and run the flame along the perimeter of your windows. If you notice the flame is flickering, this means that there is a small current that’s moving the flame. At this point you’ve found your leak, and the appropriate weatherstripping, or caulking, should do the trick!

Clean Your Gutters

Our next tip is one that no homeowner ever wants to hear; clean your gutter system. Your gutters are one of the most essential pieces of your roof system, as they serve to route water away from your home, keeping your roof, siding, & foundation protected from the elements. If the system becomes clogged with debris like sticks & leaves, it can cause the system to back-up and overflow, and in the winter this has the potential to lead to ice dams. This is why it’s important to keep the gutter system in good repair and ensure that the system is working properly!

Every fall, you should either call a professional to clean your system, or tackle the task yourself. Keeping the system clear is important for the health of your home!

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