Kitchen Island

Should I Add An Island To My Kitchen?

For homeowners who are remodeling their kitchens, one of the decisions you can make is deciding to add an island to the space. A kitchen island can provide so many benefits and truly make the space more functional, which means adding one to your home can transform your kitchen & work flow! Are you interested in learning more about what makes kitchen islands so special? Keep reading below for more information!

Storage Space

The first, and primary, reason that many homeowners choose to install kitchen islands is the additional storage space they provide. A kitchen island is generally fitted with cabinets, and many homeowners choose to put dishware and non-perishables in the island, as it offers an easy to reach, centralized space.

Additonally, some homeowners choose to install their appliances directly into the island to free up counter space. The microwave is a popular choice for to add to kitchen islands. If you need more storage space in your kitchen, but have plenty of space to move around, adding an island can be very beneficial!

Better Workflow

In the same vein as having additional cabinet space, adding an island to your kitchen will immediately make the space easier to work in! Not only will an island provide you with additional counter space that is often much needed, but you can also make it even more functional by adding a sink to the space, making it easier for more than one person to work at once!

Seating Space

Another reason that many homeowners love adding an island to their kitchens is that an island provides you with a space to sit and enjoy a meal if you’re otherwise lacking seating. If you don’t have a formal dining room or table, a kitchen island with a couple of barstools will work in a pinch, and it is a far more compact option!


Finally, some homeowners may choose to install an island simply because they look fantastic! An island can truly bring together the aesthetic of your space, providing a beautiful finishing touch for your space. If you’ve been trying to find a way to breathe new life into the kitchen without completely remodeling the space, adding a kitchen island is often a fantastic choice!

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