How to make the most of your small bathroom

A kitchen is considered the heart of the home. An area that is most used on a daily basis should have space and comfort you need. Designing a kitchen can be a complicated project because requirements may either be limited or has to be exact. Here we’ve written some helpful tips to make the most of the kitchen.

Use drawers, not doors.

A smart way to maximize the usability of the kitchen is to remove cabinets to drawers. Unlike cabinets, drawers allow easy access to every item whereas cabinets can get cluttered and create a big mess inside. Rows of drawers can also make your kitchen look more organized and presentable. It’s a significant change, but the result is worth it.

Add a breakfast bar.

The kitchen table can take up a lot of space, consider removing a couple of cabinets to install a breakfast bar on the side and you will have a countertop ledge that will allow you to eat without any hassle around you.

Change the sink.

An undermount sink can save a lot of countertop space and allow draining area as a second storage surface. Small changes like these can make a big difference to a small kitchen.

Reevaluate your walls.

When surface space is at its limit, installing shelves, rods, or a pegboard to take utensils will help minimize any cluttered cabinets by hanging everything that has a handle.

Maximize your cabinets.

If your cabinets have space above collecting dust, why not take full advantage of that space and create a tall cabinet. When handling a small kitchen, you want to make sure you have taken all the area that you have without cluttering the kitchen.

Shrink your appliances.

Bigger is not necessarily always better. It is possible to find smart styles designed for small kitchen spaces rather than taking up so much precious storage for something so minimal.
There are so many little details that are easily overlooked that can make a massive impact to your kitchen space. Get in touch with our design team who has handled tons of projects like a small kitchen.

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