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Preparing for a Home Remodel

The excitement is building as you finally get the chance to take on the home remodel project you’ve had in mind. You have a plan in motion for the contractor that you would like to hire, the design elements you have in mind, and the budget. That’s a good thing, but you also have another vital thing to consider. How do you prepare your home for the remodel? Here are some essential things to keep in mind. 

Be Mindful of What to Expect

As with many projects, there are unexpected twists and turns sometimes, but knowing what challenges could come your way is helpful. A home renovation project has a noise factor to contend with, and dust is a common issue. You may have periods without electricity or plumbing if you are doing either a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Homelife and privacy as a whole will likely be interrupted. The hectic and sometimes stressful nature of a construction zone can force you to take a step away from the environment and relax. You must use a reliable and trustworthy contractor that can keep troubles to a minimum during the process.

Remove Items From Work Zone

It’s best to have an empty space before you begin your remodeling project, so try removing all items that could get in the way or get damaged. Furniture and decor should all be removed if possible before the project begins. Items that cannot be moved should be adequately covered with the appropriate protective material—store away items in a spare room, basement, or some other available space. Maybe you’ll find that you need a portable storage container for your belongings to keep your items safe. Before the remodeling begins, get as much out the way as possible.

Keep Dust Out with Plastic Seal

Dust travels and lands everywhere, it seems, during a home remodeling because it moves with the airflow. If you stop or minimize airflow, there will be less dust, but you need more than just a hanging loose curtain of plastic taped-down strips for effectiveness. Have your contractor establish an airtight plastic dust barrier with the top and sides completely sealed and the bottom edge either sealed with tape or the use of a board laid across the plastic. Your contractor can create an entryway to move through by installing a zipper in pieces of plastic.

Cover Air Ducts

A clogged furnace filter is one of the last things you want to deal with after your remodel. Dust can be pulled into return air ducts, and when the blower is activated, tiny particles can pass through the filter and fill rooms with fine dust and potential allergens. Imagine how awful it would be to start up your heating and cooling system and be blasted with dust. To effectively keep dust out of air ducts, seal with plastic and tape, but remember to shut off the HVAC system when you do so to prevent damage. 

Protect Floors

Dents and scratches can occur if your floors aren’t protected from mishaps that can occur during a home remodel. A tool like a hammer could fall and chip or shatter your ceramic tile or dent your wood flooring. Dirt and debris can be dragged onto your floors as well and cause damage to carpets. You may need to use a hardboard duct-taped at the seams and around the perimeter of the room to protect your floor. Workers can avoid dragging dirt throughout the house by wearing booties- protective shoe coverings. 

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