Renovation Tips to Upgrade your Home

A little upgrade to your home can help add extra value and beauty to your home dramatically. If you plan on doing this yourself, there is only so much one can handle with renovations. We advise you to hire a professional, a contractor will stick with their scheduled time to complete the project, whereas, if you did it yourself, the job may not be completed until weeks due to lack of equipment, being unprepared, or just simply having a busy schedule. Here are some renovation tips to keep in mind:

  1. Create open space in your home. According to Bankrate study, open floor plans are on the top of the list when it comes to home buying and home ownership. This typically combines Kitchen, family room, and dining room to share one open space. Another trick that can help create more space to the room is investing a mirror. Having a mirror placed in the opposite windows will reflect light into the room which will look more open.
  2. Add new lighting to your home. Installing lighting may require hiring an electrician but a proper lighting can really bring a room to life. You could save a lot of money buying tall floor lamps in dark corners or adding lamps to the side tables will give your room more exposure.
  3. Update your cabinetry. A great way to spruce up your kitchen and bathroom is updating your cabinetry. They can be inexpensive and make a huge impact to your room.
  4. Window treatments. Homeowners tend to neglect windows as they want to invest big, with interior rooms, however, having nicely modernized windows can compliment the room perfectly.
  5. Go back to basics with cleaning and painting. Does the room look bland or cluttered? Consider sprucing up the room by adding a fresh color to the wall. Clean out any unnecessary items hanging around, you will be surprised how much junk you will find.

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