Tips To Help Organize Your Kitchen

Ciarlone Brothers has a lot of experience with new kitchen remodeling. We have experienced from the eyes and reactions of a homeowner that a new kitchen is one of the more fulfilling home improvements. If you have either worked with Ciarlone or not, depending on your family size and other variables there is a good chance organization has been extremely difficult for you.

Follow some of these tips that we have learned over the years. They will help reduce that stress which comes along with messy kitchen and they will give you more organization.

1) Dispose of Clutter: Maybe the most forward and easy things that you can do includes going through all your cabinets and discarding of anything that has either gone bad or that you haven’t used. Besides cleaning food within your cabinets and refrigerator throwing out duplicate or broken items can also help create more space.

2) Sort Items: To make it easier to find the things you need, you should group together everything in your kitchen. Put your cooking items, baking items, and glassware in their respective groups.

3) Organize Storage Containers: Storage containers after a while can become a complete mess. The plastic container is great for leftovers but if you don’t stay on top of them you can end up with unneeded clutter. Find all plastic containers and lids and keep them together. If you have containers without lids, they throw them away.

4) Try Using Vertical Space: Taking anything within your cabinets and storing them in a vertical space can clear up a lot of extra room. Some options include:

  • Placing hooks under cabinets to hold mugs
  • Adhesive hooks on the inside of pantry or cabinet doors to hold measuring cups, oven mitts or kitchen gadgets
  • Wall space and ceiling rack for pots & pans

5) Sort Papers: Floating extra papers within a kitchen can cause for a lot of kitchens clutter. A magnetic sorter box to hang on your refrigerator is great for coupons, menus, notepads and other papers which tend to find themselves on your kitchen counter top.

Getting the perfect kitchen that you want may involve a new remodel but it also means that you need to keep up with cleaning and some easy organization tips!


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