Bathroom Remodeling Tips

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, you are in the right spot. Ciarlone Brothers has helped transform countless bathrooms from dull embarrassing parts of a home to exciting, beautiful treasures. But now that you’re in the bathroom remodeling mind frame, where do you go from here? We have pulled together some suggestions that can hopefully get you right on track.

Bathtubs: Every home should have atleast one bathtub in the main family bathroom.

Avoid Textured Tile & Materials: Bathrooms get used daily, so try and avoid using textured tiles or other textured materials. Textures can be the perfect spot for toothpaste, mold or mildew to form.

Faucets: A majority of faucets come with two handles either at 4″ or 8″ spacing. If your counter space is limited, think about adding a single handle instead to save some space.

Venting: While remodeling your bathroom, its very important to eliminate any mold or mildew risk. If your current bathroom has peeling paint or mildew buildup, we suggest checking the insulation in your walls and ceilings.

Master Vanity: If you are thinking about remodeling a master bathroom, think about installing an adult sized vanity. The vanity gives you extra space to get ready in the morning and being a little higher reduces any need to bend over.

Natural Light: Look at all options weather it be a skylight, new windows or opaque windows to get some light into your new remodeling room. Opaque windows allow natural light into your bathroom without sacrificing privacy.

Accessories: See what other additions you can add to your bathroom. Heated towel racks, robe hooks, recessed medicine cabinets, or lighted shaving or makeup mirror adds some great creative function.

Shower Doors/Curtain: Understand the options you can when it comes to a shower door or curtain. Depending on the size, and design of you bathroom, look into what is best for you. A new stylish shower glass door can single handily transform the look of your bathroom.

Trusted Contractor: Our last tip is to make sure you are working with a trusted remodeling contractor. Your new bathroom is only going to look as good as your contractor can make it. Do your research and make sure you’re comfortable with who you choose.

For more information about bathroom remodeling please feel free to reach out to the specialists at Ciarlone Brothers. We can be contacted over the phone at 781-337-9183 or through our online contact form.


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