Why you should take advantage of the winter

It is very common for homeowners not to invest in window replacement in the winter. However, replacing your windows in the winter can be a lot easier, cost-effective, and faster than during the warmer season. Here’s why.

1. Test your windows

There’s no better time to test our your windows than during the winter times. Do you feel draft creeping through the windows or even worse, is your billing a lot more than usual? Chances are your windows are nearing its lifespan. Call a professional to inspect your windows to ensure your windows is not costing you.

2. Better price.

Most window companies tend to be very busy during the summer. With so many customers it is unlikely for them to offer significant discounts. However during a “lower season,” shopping for windows is the perfect time to purchase. Patience is key!

3. Flexibility with installation dates.

Another great reason why winter is the perfect time to install or replace your windows is the flexibility of when the installation takes place. Planning your window installation early can allow you to work on other projects around that time and contractors are more willing to work with you compared to the busy season in the summer where you have little choice.

It is a big misconception about winter window installation or replacement is not effective. However, we disagree, there are still many ways to take advantage of the season. For more information about our window services call us today at 781-337-9183.

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