Create the Perfect Traditional Kitchen

The kitchen is considered the focal point of many homes, so if you’re decorating your home in a traditional style, you’ve got to make sure that you get all of the pieces in place to ensure that your kitchen nails this style.
Follow these guidelines below to ensure that your kitchen embraces the traditional style that is truly timeless.

Solid Wood Cabinets and Doors

Wood has been the preferred material for kitchen cabinets for centuries. Both sturdy and gorgeous, wood cabinets also have the flexibility to do a lot of different things. From a design aspect, it can be customized to fit almost any space.

From a style aspect, it can be shaped, carved, and finished in so many ways to achieve the look that you desire. To keep in line with your traditional décor, try to stick with natural wood colors that match the rest of your interior.

Cabinet Handles and Hardware

Your cabinet handles will hardware can make or break your traditional design. Choose simplicity here and metal finishes that are not shiny, such as a copper, brushed nickel, or bronze. You can also choose to select a sink and faucet with these same finishes to avoid the stainless steel that has a more modern contemporary feel.


Many people don’t realize the importance of accessories to the design elements of a kitchen. These small touches can bring out the traditional design. Warm, woven curtains, handing copper our wrought iron pots and pans, and rustic wooden tables are just a few ways that you can accessorize with traditional décor items.

Painting the Walls

Matte paints with soft color fit a traditional décor best. You don’t want a high gloss paint or bright colors as these are more contemporary elements. It’s best to keep it simple here and opt for natural tones, but if you do want a splash of color, choose a soft color or consider painting one accent wall with color.

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