How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Tile

The choice of bathroom tile can often be one of the most difficult decisions during a remodel, with many different factors going into the decision. One of the most important questions to ask is what type of look you are going for, and can be broken down into tile type and color. Examples of tile types and benefits include:

  • Ceramic: A perfect fit for the bathroom as it’s optimal for damp settings and is environmentally friendly. The tile does not crack easily and can last for 20 years if well maintained. Easy to install and clean, ceramic tile can also be painted if the want to redecorate arises.
  • Porcelain: A more expensive option with a hard surface, this tile is very easy to maintain and does not absorb moisture easily. Porcelain’s color is the same throughout the tile, not just the surface, meaning that as the tile wears down, the color remains the same. Additionally, it is scratch resistant and harder than granite.
  • Stone: A more natural and unique feel, stone is durable and adds value. As the rock was created in nature, no two pieces will be the same, adding a distinct pattern and theme to your bathroom.
  • Glass: A bit more expensive than other tile options, glass tiles come in many finishes and colors. Being extremely durable without heavy maintenance, glass will make space feel bigger by bouncing light through the room on its shiny surface.

Once you have the right tile picked out, then comes the different selections and color options of the tile you selected. Remember to keep in mind both the theme and size of your space while browsing. Try to stay at a limit of 3 colors to ensure the bathroom doesn’t feel cluttered. If redesigning for a smaller bathroom, consider lighter colors expand the space. In a bigger bathroom, think darker tones, such as a grey or brown.

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