How Will A New 2017 Kitchen Remodeling Project Affect Home Resale Value?

Kitchen Remodeling Among Top 5 Best Home Remodeling Investments

One of the most common questions you might ask yourself before undertaking a kitchen remodeling project is about how it will affect the resale value of the house: When the job is done, will it be worth it? And the answer to that question is that in fact, according to the new Remodeling Magazine 2017 Cost vs. Value Report ( on the average return on investment for home improvement projects, a kitchen remodeling project provides one of the highest returns on investment out of any home remodeling project you might consider, recouping on average 60-85% of the invested value depending on the quality and scale of the project. This places kitchen remodeling projects squarely in the top five projects you can undertake to add resale value to your home, comparing favorably to other high-return home improvement projects like attic insulation, siding maintenance, garage door replacement, and new windows and doors (and call us if you are looking for help with one of these projects as well!). Remodeling Magazine cites an average cost of $20,830 with an average return of $16,699 for midrange minor kitchen remodeling projects, and average costs of $122,991 with average returns of $76,149 added value to a home for more upscale, major remodeling projects.

Note that these numbers are simply averages, and a remodeling project by a top contractor like Ciarlone Bros. can provide returns that exceed these averages by several standard deviations or more. In order to ensure that your kitchen remodeling project adds the maximum value to your home, it is of key importance to choose an experienced, top-rated, licensed and insured kitchen remodeling contractor like Ciarlone Bros. to perform the remodeling project. A good contractor will help walk you through the entire process from design to the final finishing touches, and to make sure you are getting the most value from the quality of the materials and the layout of the final project. Our 35 years of experience at Ciarlone Bros. give us the expertise to know how to add the most value to a home while staying true to our customers’ home improvement vision. Ciarlone Bros. is proud of the value we have added to homes across the state of Massachusetts, and we look forward to helping anyone who is considering kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, custom additions, or any other home improvement project to improve the resale value of your home.

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