Kitchen Trends for 2019

As one of the largest and most visited rooms in a home, the kitchen garners quite a bit of attention. 2019 is no different from any other year, bringing new kitchen design trends to the table. Let’s look at five trends setting kitchens apart for the new year of 2019.

  1. Subway Tiles are Still In

Mercifully for those on a budget, the subway tiles are still raging on. While a less expensive material, these tiles can still set a backsplash off in any kitchen from modern to retro. Patterned tiles are joining the party, as well, and make a great accent piece to a solid subway tiled section.

  1. A Dash of Color

Like salt in your cooking, it can be easy to go overboard with color. The 2019 kitchen trend is still a fan of solid whites, but accent walls and colorful islands are entering the fray. Remember, just a dash of color goes a long way. As far as which colors – dark greens and blues will dominate the kitchen scene in 2019.

  1. Copper Tries Again

Metallics are taking kitchen accents by storm in 2019. Copper has made forays into kitchen style for years now and finally seems to be taking a major hold. While it can be easily overdone, copper accents like taps or handles will go perfectly with the right countertop or cabinet.

  1. Dark Matte Appliances

The matte look is wandering from the automotive paint industry right into 2019 kitchens. All the major appliance companies are offering matte-finished appliances and they are quickly becoming the hot ticket item. So long stainless and glass – hello matte!

  1. Showing Off the Plates

Open kitchen concepts are no longer just kitchens open to a living room. They are truly open, lacking cabinetry to hide dishes in. Open shelves, hanging racks, and glass storage jars are going to dominate the 2019 kitchen trends. Maybe you should ask for new dishes for the holidays?

Ciarlone Brothers understand how difficult it can be to identify trends and achieve the look you wish you could have. We are here to help you add just the right pieces to make your kitchen one of the best things about 2019.

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