The Best Ways to Make Your Bathroom Environmentally Friendly


In today’s world, homeowners are more conscious than ever before of how their design choices impact the environment. Whether you are beginning to build a new home or you’d just like to update your existing space, the following article will teach you about a few ways you can make your bathroom more eco-friendly without spending an arm and a leg in the process.


Invest in a new toilet If a traditional toilet is flushed just five times per day, it can use upwards of seven gallons of water. That’s a lot for such a simple activity! To reduce your household’s water usage, consider purchasing a low-flow toilet. These models typically use just over one gallon of water for every five flushes, significantly lowering your water usage (and your water bill!) over time.


Limit how much time you spend showering Even though long, relaxing showers are nice, they use a lot of ways; there’s simply no way around this fact. To reduce the amount of water you use in the shower, put a waterproof timer next to your showerhead. This is a great way to limit how much time you spend showering each day.


Add aerators to all faucets Most bathrooms have multiple faucets. Adding an aerator to each of them can significantly reduce your overall water usage. Aerators attach to the tips of faucets and combine water and air, ultimately eliminating splashing and reducing the amount of water that flows from any given faucet.


Consider your paint, flooring, and finishes – If eco-conscious design choices are important to you, make sure you only purchase paint that is rated as low-VOC (volatile organic compounds). Furthermore, it’s important to choose sustainable flooring and finishes for your new space. Bamboo is a great option for both bathroom floors and furniture.


As you begin your renovation project in earnest, we hope you will give us a call to learn more about how to make environmentally safe decisions throughout the process.

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