Prepare your home for Fall and Winter

As the weather begins to drop, it can be one thing, Winter is only around the corner. And what better timing to start preparing your home than now. At Ciarlone Brother’s, we have made a home maintenance checklist for you to follow:

Clean out the gutters.

Remove leaves and other debris from your gutters and downspout, if they are left unattended it can create a clog which evidently causes more damage to your home roof, siding, and even basement. Consider hiring a professional to inspect your gutters before it gets too late.

Clean the fireplace and chimney.

Clearing ash and charred wood out from the fireplace can be done by yourself but do not even attempt cleaning the chimney yourself, hire a professional.

Check the heating system.

Check room by room for every heating vents and clean out the filters thoroughly and make sure that no curtains, furniture or carpeting are in the way. Make an appointment for an annual heating system check-up.

Store air conditioners.

If you have any removable window air conditioners, be sure to take them out, clean and cover before storing them away for the Winter.

Check for drafts.

Stay warm, save energy, and reduce your heating bills by checking any cracks in your window frames, floor and doors and seal them to prevent any drafts.

Ready the water heater.

Be smart and prepare early for cooler weather by draining the water heater and cleaning out any debris that is found in the tank.

Follow this checklist to help you stay warm and less stress for the Winter!

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