5 simple bathroom remodeling projects you can do for Winter

With winter around the corner, many homeowners tend to not work on many home remodeling projects until the weather starts warming up again. However, there are several bathroom projects that can be done that can also help increase the value of your home. Here are five projects you can get started with.

Replace your mirror.

A great way to add character to your bathroom is replacing your vanity. With many vanity options to choose from, it is often a relatively simple process that offers great rewards.

Replace or add tile.

An excellent way to potentially add more value to your home. Choosing the right design and color can create a different mood to the room.

Replace your faucets or showerheads.

You would be surprised how big of an impact replacing your faucets or showerheads can have in your bathroom. There are many luxury faucets and showerheads available that can make your bathroom shine.

Add storage.

You can never have too much storage in your bathroom, and you just need to be smart about it when creating space such as, replacing your old closet with a new one or having a tall cabinet to reach, so you don’t need to walk around one.

Replacing the toilet.

Maybe not a fun project to work on, however, upgrading your toilet will make your bathroom appear cozy and relaxing.

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