Preparing your Windows for the Winter

With winter just around the corner, you need to ask yourself, have you checked off your home maintenance list for the winter, especially your windows? Drafts, leaks and poor insulation will give you a lot of problems during the winter. Here’s what to look out for.

Check your windows. Older windows will not protect your home from severe weather conditions which will force your heating systems to work harder. Have a professional to inspect your windows.

Upgrade old single pane windows. If you know about New England’s weather, then you should know that single pane windows in your home will not cut out the job as it offers little to no insulation against wind or cold temperatures. Double or triple pane contains extra insulation which will not protect your home but also helps your heating system to work less and as a result, saves you money.

Feeling Drafts in your home. If you’re feeling some cold air creeping in through your windows, then it’s time to think about replacing new windows seriously. New windows should fit in your window frame correctly which prevents any drafts from entering.

Eliminate noisy wind. Do you hear howling winds coming from the window? As mentioned above, this means your windows were not properly insulated, or there are cracks in the window. Consider hiring a professional to help educate and show you on what needs to be done.

Prevent damage from leaking water. If you see any leaks coming from the windows during the snow, you need to have to them fixed as soon as possible as it could cause more damage to your frame, walls, and floor near the window. Replace the windows before the costly damage increases!

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