What Millennials Look For In A Kitchen

We posted a blog earlier this year on how the kitchen was one of the top 5 best home remodeling investments for 2017. With trends popping among the newest generation of homeowners, Houzz’s 2017 Kitchen created a survey where 2,700 people (all of whom had recently completed or were completing a kitchen remodel) participated to see what they seek for in a kitchen. 10-12% were ages 25-34.

Color – What’s interesting with millennials is that they are focusing more on the soft neutral colors for major elements of the kitchen. Gray and White were among the top requirements as it gives the Kitchen a modern appearance.

Decorative lighting – The younger renovators preferred decorative pendant lighting (67%), while older homeowners were more likely to choose more functional under-or-in cabinet lights (74%)

Kitchen Islands­ – This was the most popular built-in features that were attractive to millennials compared to the older homeowners (49% vs 36%)

Modern and farmhouse styles ­– Although contemporary is the most popular style for kitchen remodels across all ages. Younger homeowners are more likely to try something different and go for a modern (19%) or farmhouse style (14%) for their renovation as opposed to boomers, who were more than happy to stick with a traditional style (14% compared with 8% of millennials)

An eye on the budget – Survey found that millennials homeowners “are twice as likely to be driven by cost considerations than homeowners over age 35”. Young renovators were more than willing to invest more when it comes to kitchen remodeling, with the majority favoring stock and ready-to-assemble cabinets

What did we learn from this survey? It seems millennials are the future, it’s worth taking the time to understand them and business plan around their needs. Many millennials also have aging parents and will begin making more decisions for them in the upcoming years. Before the baby boomers were the ones to make the decisions, now it is the millennials turn to take over.

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